Lords of the Left Kidney Review – Starring Christian Bale, avier Soriano & More

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In the first part of the film, the hero, Lotre, is captured by terrorists and taken to an island. There, his wife, Ayma (Lori Singer), becomes his wife. Lotre’s son, Damon (Christoph Waltz), who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio, falls in love with Ayma. When she discovers that her brother is a terrorist, she orders her husband, Orland (Christian Bale), to send the terrorists away but before doing so, she kills herself.

Orland is then taken away by Al Qaeda (called AL Qaeda in the US), but not before Damon finds out about his family’s situation. While there, Damon finds out that his birth parents, Fabian and Elena (Carlo Cecchi), are both alive and working together. Elena is pregnant with his baby, Michael (Oded Fehr), and wishes to free her family from slavery. She tells Lotre about his birth father, thus leading him to learn that he was in fact born in Egypt as the son of a Jewish slave, Iphrahem Ben-Hur. The plot thickens when it is revealed that Lotre’s biological family was taken away during the holocaust, meaning that his biological mother, Yuna (Lori Singer), was his true mother.