The Truth Behind The Beaugue Potu Left Kidney Stone

There are 28 censuses records for the name of Lotre. The most accurate information about this early French Creole is recorded in his censuses which were written in French, not in English. By looking at the dates written in his records, one can gain a glimpse of the life of the first Lorette. Lotre was known to be wealthy and to have large estates.

An interesting note on the life of Lotre is that he was executed for witchcraft in the year 23rd of December, seventeen hundred and ninety-three. There are several records of this event, one of which is found in the Dictionnaires de la Loire, a historical grammar written by an American priest, Frasier Dezers. This text details the trial that Lotre went through while being tried for witchcraft. The main evidence against him was that he had created a potion that was used to poison King Louis’ mistress, mistress Perceval, and that she was used as a guinea pig in the experimental process of creating the potion.

While it may seem unlikely that a man with such wealth would be found innocent of witchcraft, it is interesting to know that Lotre was not actually tried and executed for witchcraft, but for the negligence of his duty as a landowner of St-Remy. It is also worth noting that the trial for negligence did not take place in the court of King Louis XIV, as it was dissolved before it got underway, probably due to lack of evidence. Nevertheless, on the night of the 24th December, Lotre was supposedly tortured and killed in cold blood by Beaugue Potu, who is alleged to be the wife of Louis XIV.

Many stories have since come out claiming that Lotre’s body was found beside a body of a woman who had been killed by Beaugue Potu, and that this tale is what really motivated the DVD decrypter from going into business selling the Beaugue Potu Left Kidney Stone Decrypter, and is said to be the reason why she left for Peru in the first place. However, the only concrete evidence that I know of is the fact that the sentence on the pfurrie DVD does say that it was carried away by an angel. The real facts are still being debated. One thing is certain: lotre is buried at Fontainhas, not in Saint-Remy-sur-Dame, as some people insist.