What Is the Meaning of the Sri Lankan Word ‘Baca Juga’?

One of the things that you might be interested in searching for in a family history website is the origin of the name of John Lotre. Many of us have family members who are not really our ancestors – but because they look like our family members, we often treat them as if they are. What you should know about John Lotre is that he was probably born in Ireland and that his parents were probably either French or Italian.

The Origin John was likely born in Ireland because his father might have been from Ireland or in France or Italy. The first reference to John Lotre in Ireland is through the Book of Kells. This book contains many references about how Priam and her descendants came to America. Priam married into the Lapidary clan of Feudalism and the daughter of King CuChullainn of Ireland named Baca Juga. Baca Juga begot John, who married into the Lapidary clan of Membeli Dua Tiket.

The Book of Kells also indicates that Priam’s son Mananan went to war with Menelaus’ daughter Amyntas. This is significant because Amyntas had been plotting against Menelaus, thinking that he was an unfit father because of the death of his wife princess Diana. It is also significant because Amyntas plotted to kill her brother Menelaus so that she could inherit the throne of her father. If Baca Juga and the princesses of Membeli Dua Tiket were married to Menelaus, it is possible that Baca would have fathered both Menelaus and Amyntas through childbearing, which is common in ancient times.

Another ancient Indo-European royal family was of the House of Menelaus, which were located in what is modern day Greece. Among other names of the first dynasty of Greek royal families that had a long standing history in Greece is the House of Menelaus. The first Dynasty of Greek royal families that had connections to Israel and Mesopotamia was the House of Herod. In fact, the Biblical book of Kings is written in Hebrew, so the House of Herod may have been associated with Mesopotamia and Israel because the house of Herod served as a settlement or palace for the Israelites. This would explain the meaning behind the name” Herodia” in the Bible, which means “house of God.”

Other interesting links to the Book of Kings in relation to the LotR include the reference to the kingly iron rod of Menelaus and the reference to the gold of the daughter of Mananan of Jute. This latter reference has caused scholars to speculate on the possibility that the Pria Itu Membenanggan hadith mentioned in the Book of Kings might be referring to the gold of the daughters of Menelaus and Jute. This gold was probably sought by the Prius, who was working in Mesopotamia to acquire some of this foreign currency back when he returned from his campaigns. There is also the theory that the Pria Itu Membenanggan hadith referred to in the Book of Ruth might be referring to a temple dedicated to the daughter of Mananan of Jute.

If one were to study the actual Sanskrit text of the Book of Ruth, it would become clear that there are several different meanings for the various terms that were used. However, it is most likely that the meaning attributed to the term “Baca Juga” in the Book of Ruth is in reference to wheat, due to the reference to barley and the fact that there is barley in Israel and also in Egypt (there are many eases in reference to barley such as millet, faro and so forth). The term translated as “grain” is usually interpreted to be a reference to wheat germination, which is not far from the actual meaning. Nevertheless, the etymology of the word suggests that it should be rendered as “in the grain” in order to make sense of the etymology of the word.