Information About the Copenhagen Bus

The 401bus (Route: 401) has four stops, ending at Lotre Kai in Copenhagen. The buses run every hour all day, stopping at the central Copenhagen area.

The bus stops at several locations across Denmark. They stop at the City Centre in Copenhagen’s inner suburbs, where they pick up tourists from all over the country. The buses also stop in the capital city of Denmark at several locations. They are available in the central Copenhagen area as well as in the suburbs.

The first part of the bus stops is at the Central Station in Copenhagen, where it takes visitors directly to the Haugesund area. The last part of the bus goes to the Central Station in Copenhagen, where it stops for lunch. The buses then continue on to the Vollsmose, which is a tourist area that is close to a railway station.

After the Vollsmose, the bus stops at the Nordeostorget station in the suburb of Nordeostorget. It then continues on to the Viborg Centre where the bus picks up tourists from all around the country.

The bus stops at the Vibeotron station which is the main station. The last part of the bus stops at the Vesterbro Central Station. From here, the passengers are taken to the centre of Copenhagen. The last part of the bus then takes the travelers back to the Viborg Centre.

The bus leaves for the day from these places, but does not leave until it reaches its destination. The tourists need to wait till the morning before they can collect their tickets. There are many tourist agencies that provide the bus tickets. These agencies have branches in almost all the cities of Denmark.

The Bus Company that provides the bus services is calling the Copenhagen-Bus. The bus departs from different locations at different times of the day. The bus is operated by a driver and an operator, who sit near the front of the bus to conduct the passengers.

The bus stops at different places throughout the day. Some of the places are in the city center. Some of the places are in the suburbs. Some of the places are in the suburbs and some of the stops are on the outskirts of the city.

The bus stops at some of the tourist attractions such as the Nyhavn, which is an old market, and has some of the best art galleries in Denmark. The buses stop at the Storham Cathedral, which is the oldest building in Copenhagen. At the Copenhagen Castle, which is also one of the most important buildings in Denmark, the bus stops at the Stavanger Castle, which is the former royal residence of King Christian IV of Denmark and has an imposing central hall. The bus stops at the Hovedstad Globe Market, which sell a variety of goods from Danish export, as well as local handicrafts.