The Lament of the Bamboo Blossoms

In the Book of Kings, King Solomon’s Book of Deeds, there is an entry for “Lotle.” But according to The Bible, it was Menelaus, who according to The Bible made the first reference of a king with the title, “King.” This is also the very first reference of the word, “lot.” So Menelaus may have been the first person to use the word “lot” in reference to something other than his king.

When it comes to Egyptian mythology, Lot is associated with Memene. And according to Bible, Memene was the daughter of Osiris and Isis. She is known to be the daughter of heaven and the sky. There is a story that tells how, Lot, fled from Egypt along with his sister Leah and her husband Absa to go to Memene and become a god.

If one goes to the Bahwa Dua temple near the Giza pyramids, the carving of a man and a woman holding hands is thought to be a depiction of Memene and her husband Absa as god and goddess. But if we go a bit deeper, we would find out that it is the Egyptian god Anubis, who is the father of Memene and also the grandfather of Leah and the father of Tod. So, this two-headed baboon who carries a spear is also the ancestor of Leah and Tod who are known as the princesses of Egypt.

The meaning of the term “lot” in Egyptian mythology is “the white lotus flower,” which is associated with the sun. The flower grows in the late summer and early autumn and the fragrance of the lotus flower is so strong that it makes the air smell fragrant and appealing. This scent gives an energy boost to people during the hot afternoon and the scent keeps them alert and active. It is said that the lotuses bloom in pairs and there are forty-two lotuses blooming at the same time. Therefore, the fragrance of the lotus flower is regarded as an important component in the Chinese culture. It is the source of many oriental fragrances such as the jasmine oil, the bleary oil, and the meadow breeze.

One day, while resting on the bank of the River Ganges at Mohenjodaro, an Indian doctor by the name of Bahadur Chishti came across a body in a very low state of fever. The body was given the proper medical treatment and the medical practitioner discovered what he thought to be a case of lotre yang poison. This mysterious body of a woman was brought to the notice of a French traveler by the name of Pria Iturup and the body was identified as that of the prime minister of India, Nehru. The lotus blossom was dried and the doctors found out that the dried lotus had been eaten by the woman during her illness.

The lotus is considered very auspicious and is associated with chakras in general. The lotus flower is said to be representative of all the different metals that are part of the universe and to which one corresponds. In India, a lotus blossom is believed to be representative of all the four realms: the material world, the spiritual world, the animal world and the ethereal world. It is also representative of female power and to those who have obtained the knowledge of these things, it is representative of femininity. This is why the lotus flower is a symbol of power and knowledge and of feminine virility. This is why the lotus is seen all over the world in prayer temples, in ethnic designs and in decorative paper work that decorate the houses of the rich and powerful.