Ancient History of Moab

The Life of Moses hadith is considered to be the basis for all the Egyptian papyrus and it can also be referred to as the first true Bible. Moses had been born to Pharaoh while he was still a toddler and his parents sent him to college so that he could complete his education and learn to read. In Egypt, everyone knew that they were to serve in the military so when Pharaoh ‘caved in his heart’ and called for the people to man the army, the people cried out that they did not want to serve man military but rather that they wanted to protect their families. Pharaoh was rather annoyed by this but changed his mind and released the people to do as they pleased. Although many families escaped from the land of Egypt, not all did and one family in particular had quite an unhappy life after escaping from Egypt.

Lotre is one of the sons of King Aqaba and his sister Narai is mentioned to be pregnant with their first born son, Gamut. When the people of Egypt heard of this, they sent messengers to ask for directions to their home. One of the messengers of Pharaoh asked for direction to Aqaba and was told, ‘Go to Phoenitates’. This was not far away from the capital city of Phoenitates and Lotre was born there and the name of his father, Anu, was mentioned.

Lotre was given the name, Lot, which meant ‘land of gods’ by his father. The land of gods referred to here was the Amazons who lived in the Nymph River. Lot was very attached to these women and the story goes that he helped his sister Narai finds her birth-place by tracking down a Nymph. He also said that he helped to save the Nymph by keeping away pike that was trying to attack her. The king’s advisers, however, thought it better for Narai to drown when the pike came near the river because she was pregnant and the Nymph would be carried away into the underworld by the snake, Taurus.

Some of the historical facts about Lot include that he was an important military leader who won a battle against the Philistines and helped to build an army. On his return home, he built two settlements, one at Hormah and the other at Moab. Hormah became the holy place for the Israelites because of the high status of the individuals who lived there. The people travelled to Moab in order to build a settlement there and Lot helped them do it. He was one of the leaders of the Israelites when they decided to go their separate ways, but when they decided to join the Philistines again, he went with them.

The next historical fact about Lot is that he married an Egyptian princess named Memhenangkan and the two of them had a daughter named Telah. When Memhenangkan died, her husband Anub moved to Moab and took the daughter along with him as his wife. This explains why there is a settlement at Moab today called Memkenangkana. Another historical fact about Lot is that his mother, Hur, was the daughter of King Jezreel and went to live in Moab with him when he was a young boy. The king had promised her to marry him when he became a man, so she left her son and went to Moab with him.

The Book of Moses says that Lot was thirty and five years old when he married an Egyptian princess named Memhenangkan hadiah. Therefore, it could be reasonable to assume that the Bible refers to Memkenangkana as a place where the Bible character, Lot, got married. However, this is only one historical reference to the name, and more can be assumed from other places as well. There is only one sure reference to the location known as the Memkenangka, and this refers to a small town in southwest India known for its bahwah dua trees.